(Immunity Builder)

It is a organic product derived from herbal extract and medicinal plant along with bio-elements to cure
diseased palnts. It increases immunity of plants to fith againts problems which affact pants health. This
product is eco-friendly with long term effact and easy to resolve with no residue, also promote higher
yied of crop.
Crop : Coton, Toor, Gram Mustard, Cumins , Sugarcane, Tea, Coffee Cabbage, Cauliflower, all
Vegetables and fruit crops.
Dosage : General dose of KEN is 0.6 to 1.0 ml/litter of water
Disclaimer : The information given herein and otherwise supplied to users is based on experience and
purely serves as guidline. Many factors which are outside our knowledge and control can effect the
use of the product. We can not accept liability for any injury. loss or damage resulting from reliance
upon such information.


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