(Bio Organic)
It is a control black hpper/ white fly in crops of cotton, soyabean, sugarcane, paddy, vegetables & other crops. It can
also use to control aphids jassid & white fly in Paddy shoot fly on sorghum & maize. Termites in wheat, jassid in okra
thrips, Green leaf hopper, Black hopper and whorl maggot in paddy, jassid and thrips in cotton crops it gives
excellent result. Foliar spray of BLACK MAGIC in initial stage of white fly, thrips and all kinds of hopper attack will be
fast moments action.

BENEFITS: Prevents fruit buds from falling. The size of the fruit increases the weight. Generates greenery and
carbolic elements to the crop. Provides the ability to generate more crop yields in

DOSAGE : BLACK MAGIC 1Litre/2-3 Acer well mixing 300 – 375 litre water for spray


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