(Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP)

It is a systemic and contact fungicide used for seed treatment for the effective control of tikka
leaf spot, collar rot and dry root rot diseases of Groundnut, Blast on Paddy, Early blight, Late blight,
black scruf on Potato, Blister blight, Grey blight, Red rust, Dieback, Black rot on Tea, Downey mildew,
Powdery mildew & Anthracnose on Grape, Powdery mildew & Anthracnose on Mango, Leaf spot, fruit
rot and Powdery mildew on Chilli, Downey mildew & leaf blight on Maize, Fruit scab & Powdery mildew on Apple and Tikka leaf spot, Collar rot and Dry root rot on Groundnut.


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